What's Your Favorite Mascara?
Currently loving Pur Cosmetics Fully Charged

Do You Accept Free Products/PR Samples? Do You Do Guest Posts? What About Promoting Businesses/Products/Websites?
Yes! I'll accept any cosmetic/perfume/skin care/nail product you have to offer. I would also love to do a guest post for your blog or magazine. I will also accept offers to promote websites,companies, or products that I believe are of good quality. I accept monetary or product based compensation.

How Can I Contact You?
Via my tumblr ask box or via comment (questions or requests)
My email neonchipmunkmakeup@gmail.com for business inquiries.

How Long Do You Test Products Before You Review Them?
Mascara - 5 to 8 days.
Nail Polish - 2 applicatons or 4 days, depending on which comes first
Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, Blush, and Highlighters - 3 to 5 applications
Face Makeup (Powder,Concealer,Foundation) - atleast two weeks.
Skin care - atleast two weeks
Scents - about a week
Lotions and Shower Gels - about a week
Lip glosses and Lipsticks - 3 days.

What Is Your Favorite Makeup Brand?
I have favorite brands for different sorts of makeup, but overall, I quite like NYX and Maybelline on the affordable end, and Benefit for pricier products.

How Do You Choose Your Giveaway Winners?

Where Do You Live?
Sydney Australia

Whats Your Skin Type?
Normal mostly. Combo sometimes. I have an oily little nose, and dry cheeks sometimes. I get pimples and don't afraid of it. When I do break out I tend to get them mostly on my chin, and on the sides of my nose, especially near my nose stud.

Hair Type?
Normal. Wavy. Thick. It has a tend to matte and tangle horribly, but my hair stylist tells me I have the healthiest hair shes ever seen. My hair is color treated with Lush's Caca Rouge Henna. My hair is naturally a dark strawberry blonde/dull red, and I use henna to add a bit more brightness and make the natural red in my hair more pronounced.

When Did You Start Blogging?
July 27, 2011.

What Piercings Do You Have?
I have both ears pierced once, my left nostril, and a monroe.

What Ethnicity Are You?

What Camera Do You Use?
I shot with a Canon Power Shot A4000 IS Blue until May 2014. I then updated to a Canon PowerShot ELPH340HS. My Instagram photos are taken with an iPhone 5s. I previously shot with a Nokia phone.

How Many Views Do You Have?
I have over one million page views and get about 35K views per month

How Many Followers Do You Have?
I have around 9000 followers over various forms of social media.

Favorite Places to Shop for Beauty Products?
Target, Priceline

Where Did You Get Your Template?
This is the Juliette's Blog Slider Template by BloggerTemplates. I purchased it from their Etsy shop.

Feel free to comment with any other questions. 

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