About Me

Sup. I'm Mary, I'm 27 and live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in southern Russia, but grew up in Pittsburgh, PA before moving to Australia to live with my husband, Dean. Together we live with our best friend Morgan. I've been passionate about makeup since I was about 14, but my interest really took off when I discovered Lauren Luke on YouTube. I started Neon Chipmunk in July 2011 after nearly a year of debate, and its been quite a journey ever since. My non-beauty interests include NHL Hockey (my favorite team is the Penguins of course!), cooking, and gaming (Team Mystic in Pokemon Go!). I work as a cook, but am currently looking for a new career. 


  1. We share the same love for makeup AND the Pittsburgh Penguins haha :P

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  3. Hey! I have found your blog via blog hop. I have joined you via GFC and on your other networks available on your blog. Do follow back via GFC and on my other networks. All the links are in my sidebar. =D

    Sahrish Adeel

  4. AHHH I am from Pittsburgh too!! :>

  5. Awwww I'm jealous! Please tell me all about your move to Sydney? How did you do it? visa? How long are you there for?

    1. Email me for more info, I'll be happy to talk about it privately. =D