Products I've Hit Pan On - April 2020 Update

My first Products I've Hit Pan On post of 2020 is finally going up...and only six weeks late! Considering the amount of effort I've been putting into the blog lately, I don't think that's so bad. I've made a lot of progress over the last four months, including a handful of new pans. Click through to read more.

Anastasia Fresh Eyeshadow  
I expected to finish Fresh over the last few months, but I ended up not really using it that much. I've hit the top edge of the pan, but otherwise it looks pretty much the same. I don't really enjoy this shadow, so I'm not sure how the next few months will go here. 

Anastasia Twig Eyeshadow
Just like Fresh, Twig didn't get much use and doesn't really show any significant progress. The visible pan might be a little larger, not really sure. I don't expect to put a big dent in this matte brown any time soon. 

Anastasia Teak Eyeshadow
Teak took me by surprise - I had no idea I was about to hit pan on this shimmery bronze shade until one day I dipped in and struck silver! This eyeshadow is very loosely pressed, which explains the surprise panning - I've only used it twice since hitting pan, and each time the amount of visible pan really increased. I think I'm going to set an intention to really work on Teak over the coming weeks. 

Anastasia Noir Eyeshadow
Noir is the only shade in Anastasia's Sultry Palette that really gets consistent use - I use this medium depth matte black every time I wear makeup to trace my wing and set my gel liner. Progress is slow, but steady, and I'd say there's going to be a big change in visible pan by the next update, it's getting quite thin all around now. 

Pixi Lid Loves Mattes&Metallics Palette
Last I checked in, this palette only had one significant pan, and one barely there hint of a pan, and now it has four good sized pans, with one more on the way! I took a break from my favorite shade, a shimmery tan, to focus on a similar but slightly deeper shade, which now boasts a nice silver circle in the middle. The matte fawn shade that only had a pinprick sized pan now sports a crater, and the matte peach I've come to love for blending edges is panned as well. The ivory shade in the top right of the palette seems like it's going to open up any day now as well. I'm really excited to see my progress by the next update in June. 

theBalm Balm Desert Blush
theBalm's Balm Desert Blush/Bronzer/Eyeshadow has been a daily staple for me for four years now, and it shows! I feel like I've almost doubled the amount of visible pan over the last four months, with the remainder of the product thinned way out. I'm starting to get a little sad actually - I still have a ton left, and have no doubt that this do-everything product will still be around when I need to repurchase, but I already feel a little nostalgic about it.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
It can be hard to tell how much progress you make on a product like gel eyeliner, but rest assured, I used Maybelline's cult classic gel liner every time I wore makeup since my last update. I love this gel liner for lining my waterline or creating an intensely dark wing. I still have loads of product left in this little pot, and it has no signs of drying out. I'm definitely interested in seeing how my progress goes in the future. 

Glossier Moonstone Haloscope 
I debated adding Glossier's Moonstone Haloscope Highlighter into this post, since it doesn't have a pan...but considering I've been sticking my pinky in to scrape product out for like...two months? now, I think it deserves a mention. Glossier's Haloscope seems endless to me. The actual stick of highlighter seems quite small, and I went through it quickly, but if you're willing to excavate, there's an endless trove of product in the base. I don't think Haloscope will make an appearance in my next panning update, but I don't think you'll see it in my April empties either, if ya feel.

What products are you hitting pan on?

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