Out with the Old - March 2020 Empties

 Hey, I'm back. Sorry it's been like three months. Without much fuss, let's get into my March empties. I didn't have a ton of empties last month - much less than usual, but due to current events I'm being extra conservative with my products. Aren't we all? Anyway, here's the eight products I finished in March. As always, products I plan on buying again, or already have, will be marked with an asterisk (*). Let's take a look.

Lemon Mint Leaf was not my favorite candle, but it had it's place. Unlit, this candle had an interesting cool, herbal scent that transformed into generic lemon cleaning product the moment you took a flame to it. Great if you want your house to smell freshly cleaned, but not my style. What is my style, however, is that lovely mint green jar. Definitely keeping that. 

Campfire Donut is going down as an all time favorite. This candle's scent was all Donut and no Campfire, but that was ok with me, because the sweet, cinnamony, fried dough fragrance was absolutely delightful, from first burn til last (over the span of around 14 months). Beyond the wonderful scent, I have to compliment this candle on it's great quality - it burned perfectly every time, didn't smoke, and the white wax didn't take on that ugly grey quality most candles do. I'm sad to see Campfire Donut go, and if Bath&BodyWorks brings it back, I'll pick up another one. 

Palmer's Skin Success Fade Milk Body Lotion^
Palmer's Dark Spot Corrector Fade Serum made an amazing impact on my skin, so I had high hopes for the accompanying body lotion. I shouldn't have - and that says nothing against this product. This skin tone correcting body lotion isn't made for me - quite pale, minimal dark discoloration (I actually have several vitiligo patches, and my stretch marks have faded to silver), so I can't speak for it's effects. I can tell you that it's nicely moisturizing, but a pain to apply. Palmer's advises you to apply this lotion to dry skin, for the best effects, but on either dry or damp skin I found the Skin Success Face Milk to be difficult to rub in evenly. Not my favorite lotion, but based on my experience with the Skin Success line, it could be worth trying if it suits your needs. 

Derma Energy Race Against Time Serum^
Derma Energy's Race Against Time is a nicinamide and peptide rich gel textured serum that aims to "stimulate skin for a more youthful appearance". I don't think this serum had a significant impact on my skin. I'm struggling to think of anything to say about it, if I'm entirely honest. There was nothing wrong with this serum - it was lightly hydrating, and didn't irritate my skin, but it failed to impress me, and at $88, I can't recommend it. 

LeTan Let's Go Coconuts SPF 15 Sunscreen^
I received a squeezy pack of this sunscreen ages ago, and was not impressed. LeTan's Let's Go Coconuts SPF was greasy, heavily fragranced, and offered very little actual sun protection - what even is SPF 15? In Australia? Basically nothing. Even still, I kept this sunscreen in my backpack for just in case situations, and eventually used it up. I think this product is discontinued, but even if it wasn't I wouldn't buy it again.

16 Brand Hibiscus Tea Mask Pack
I found a $2 coin on the ground minutes before walking into the Mecca in Myer on Pitt Street, and  decided to treat myself to a sheet mask - surely it was a sign? If it was, I read it wrong, cause I did not like 16 Brand's Hibiscus Tea Mask Pack. The sheet mask fit extremely poorly, the serum was very wet and runny, and it stunk! I couldn't keep this mask on for more than 5 minutes. I should've bought a candy bar instead. 

ELF Eyelash Curler has been my go to for years - as evidenced by this vintage 2012 review. This eyelash curler is cheap, sturdy, and gets the job done. I keep one at home, and one in my purse. This is my purse one, which has lost all tension over the 4-5 years that I've had it - I've already bought a new one for home, and rotated my previous one into my bag. Basically, it's my favorite lash curler, and I'm gonna repurchase it forever. 

Batiste Eden Dry Shampoo*
Are you ready for a real shock? This is my first can of Batiste that I've finished all year...and I only finished it like three or four days ago! I somehow managed to make one of the big cans last three full months. Wild. I guess it's the whole only leaving the house once a week thing, but still. Eden is my favorite of the four scents available in the jumbo cans, and generally speaking is the one I'll repurchase time and again. I recently purchased a big can of the Tropical scent, since it was all my local Woolies had left. Regardless of the scent, Batiste and I have a life long partnership. Probably. 

Products marked with an ^ were sent to me as pr samples. 

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