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Buying a candle a month has recently become a sort of family tradition for us, and we've amassed a decent collection since! Our candle buying isn't limited to Bath&BodyWorks, but they've been running such good sales and offers on them lately that it's been almost too easy to stock up on their 3-wicks. Anyway,  I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on the six candles we're rotating through, so click through to read more about them!

Bath&BodyWorks Campfire Donut
3 Wick Candle - $40 - Limited Edition 
Notes: Powdered Sugar, Glazed Donuts, Cedarwood
Category: Gourmand, Fall/Winter
Dry Scent: Sweet, bready, with a touch of spice.
Lit Scent: Even sweeter, Campfire Donut is a warm bakery fresh scent with a hint of cinnamon sugar.
Throw: Great! Fills our entire small 2-bedroom apartment and lingers for at least an hour.
Burn: Evenly, no issues.
Thoughts: Campfire Donut is a very realistic donut scent, though I'm not really sure what's meant to be "campfire" about it. I don't detect the Cedarwood at all. This is probably my favorite of the six, and unfortunately the one I'm closest to finishing. 
Bath&BodyWorks Frozen Lake
3 Wick Candle - $40 - Limited Edition 
Notes: Lavender, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry
Category: Woody, Winter
Dry Scent: Fresh and woody, it smells like a nice cologne with a cool, wintry element.
Lit Scent: Doesn't change, just becomes a stronger version of it's solid self. 
Throw: Good, fills a room and lingers for a while.
Burn: Even, no issues aside from wax discoloration, which I don't really care about.
Thoughts: Beautiful label. This candle is the epitome of "unisex" and is outdoorsy in a non-specific way. I like that you can smell the coolness of the eucalyptus. Slightly headache inducing if left to burn too long. 
Bath&BodyWorks Salted Caramel
3 Wick Candle - $40 - Limited Edition 
Notes: Salted Caramel, Roasted Chestnuts, Caramelized Sugar, Spiced Rum
Category: Gourmand, Fall/Winter
Dry Scent: Very sweet, warm, rich caramel scent with a hint of nuttiness.
Lit Scent: A softer version of it's unlit self, Salted Caramel still smells sweet, rich, and nutty, but with a little less nuance. 
Throw: Not Great. Salted Caramel somehow manages to be stronger when it isn't burning?? This candle absolutely permeates the closet I store it in, but only provides a faint fragrance while it's lit.
Burn: Uneven. Wicks are slightly misaligned, so the wax struggles to pool in a few directions. This candle often needs to be wrapped in foil to achieve an even burn.
Thoughts: Salted Caramel is a disappointment for me. This candle smells absolutely lovely when it isn't in use, but it has poor scent throw and pooling issues that overshadow it's delicious scent. 
Bath&BodyWorks Lemon Mint Leaf
3 Wick Candle - $40 
Notes: Sparkling Lemon Zest, Spearmint Leaves, Verbena Sprigs
Category: Green, Year-round
Dry Scent: Cool herbal mint with a hint of clean lemon
Lit Scent: Cleaning product with a a slight herbal twist of mint and star anise, I believe. 
Throw: Good. Fills a room, but doesn't linger.
Burn: Even, no issue.
Thoughts: Lemon Mint Leaf smells very different at home than it did in store, where it smelled much sweeter. This candle can be a bit headache inducing for me if burned in a small room. Love the color of the jar! 
Bath&BodyWorks Black Cherry Merlot
3 Wick Candle - $40 
Notes: Decadent Dark Cherry, Black Raspberry, Sumptuous Merlot
Category: Gourmand, Fall/Winter
Dry Scent: Straight up cherry jello powder. Very candy-ish.
Lit Scent: A rich, almost syrupy black cherry fragrance.
Throw: Great. Fills out apartment.
Burn: Uneven. Off-center wicks cause pooling issues, but nothing a foil wrap can't fix.
Thoughts: Extremely sweet and slightly headache inducing, I don't think Black Cherry Merlot is for everyone, but I love it (when burned in a large enough room!) 
Bath&BodyWorks Pink Pineapple
3 Wick Candle - $40 
Notes: Fresh Pineapple, Sugared Berries, Lemon Zest
Category: Fruity, Spring/Summer
Dry Scent: Much more citrus than pineapple. I pick up grapefruit over any other note.
Lit Scent: Pink Pineapple remains a heavily grapefruit scent, but it becomes sweeter while burning. 
Throw: Light. Pink Pineapple takes a long time to start producing scent, it needs to pool completely before it lets out of a hint of fragrance that doesn't linger once extinguished.
Burn: Even, but a little smoky.
Thoughts: I'm pretty disappointed by Pink Pineapple because it has such a light fragrance. This candle would be nice if you want just a touch of a fragrance, or are sensitive to strong scents. Pink Pineapple is best burned in a smaller room if you want to smell it at all.


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