Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo Review

 I didn't plan to review Batiste's Cherry Dry Shampoo - how different could it be from the Blush dry shampoo? Not too different, but there are a few factors that made it worthy of it's own review. Batiste says their Dry Shampoos are the "quick and convenient way to get soft, clean, and fresh smelling hair without water. Batiste offers an instant fix by revitalizing greasy, dull, and lifeless hair. Batiste thickens thin, flyaway hair and adds texture and body for that easy style solution. Simply spray it in and comb it out." Six scents are offered - obviously this review is for the Cherry scent. Batiste Dry Shampoos are available in three sizes - purse size (1.6 oz/30g, $4); Standard (5.5oz/95g, $7), and Extra Value (6.7oz/120g, $9). I bough the Extra Value size at Ulta while it was on sale. Batiste products are not tested on animals. This dry shampoo is made in the UK.

 I mainly wanted to try Batiste's Cherry Dry Shampoo because I love the packaging! Anything with Cherry print has a special place in my heart. Batiste's Cherry Dry Shampoo comes in a recyclable, light blue metal can with a tiny cherry print. A product description and full ingredient list can be found on the back of the can, along with a diagram and directions. Removing the cap reveals a typical white aerosol nozzle.
 Batiste's Blush Dry Shampoo was my first dry shampoo and it got me hooked. It revolutionized the way I take care of my bangs. To use, Batiste recommends shaking the can vigorously, hold it 30cm (12 inch) from the roots of hair, and spray as needed - then massaging the product in. Batiste's Blush and Cherry dry shampoos are both equally effective at absorbing excess oil initially; they give the look of clean hair with minimal effort. However, I feel like the grease blocking effects of the Cherry Dry Shampoo are not as long lasting - I feel the need to use this product twice a day as opposed to one. Like it's sister product, this dry shampoo gives a little bit of lift without making my hair stiff. Unlike the Blush Dry Shampoo, which sprays out white but dries clear, the Cherry version gives my dark red hair a white cast that's hard to eliminate. I'm not sure whats causing the variance in results - the major ingredients are the same, so that likely isn't the reason. I don't feel like it's my hair either - when I was using the Blush Dry Shampoo it was 100F every day and I was greasier and sweatier than I care to admit. Now its winter and I'm no where near as oily and gross. Could it just be a slightly defective batch? I don't know.
Batiste says their Cherry scent is "for anyone that loves their look sweet, smooth, and full of luscious retro flavor. Our fun new fragrance delivers a rich cherry scent that lives up your locks." This dry shampoo has a light, generic fruity scent with an underlying chemical note. The scent isn't very strong, it lingers in the hair for just a few minutes. 
[my lovely model Dean]
I'm a little disappointed by Batiste's Cherry Dry Shampoo - but only a little. While it still gets the job done, it isn't as effective as the Blush dry shampoo I've preciously tried; I'm not sure why that is. I adore the packaging and enjoy the fresh, fruity scent of this product. I'll probably go back to the Blush scent though, since it proved more effective for me. Actually, I think I want to try Herbal Essence's new Naked Dry Shampoo before repurchasing a Batiste dry shampoo. I trust and enjoy Batiste's Dry Shampoo and I do recommend them, though maybe not the Cherry scent. 

Butane. Isobutane, Propane, Rice Starch, Alcohol Denat, Fragrance, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Chloride 

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