Compare&Contrast: ELF Custom Compact vs. GlamRx Freestyle Palette

 In my opinion, the ELF Custom Compact is significantly better value. The prices don't even compare really. Though ELF's palette is 1.3" (3.3cm) smaller, the square shape allows it to hold more pans. GlamRx claims that their Freestyle Palette fits four standard eyeshadow pans, but I can't even get three in no matter how I configure them. In ELF's Custom Compact, you're guaranteed to fit four standard eyeshadows, or if you pop out the divider you can fit five. ELF's magnetic hold is weaker than GlamRx, but even if you bought a small sheet of magnetic backing, it'd be cheaper than investing in GlamRx's option. Even compared to other cardboard palettes, the GlamRx Freestyle is a little pricey. The classic large Z Palette is $10 more and will fit 28 standard eyeshadows. The value is so low compared to larger, bulk storage options like the Z Palette, and similarly sized, travel friendly choices like ELF's Custom Compact. I do think that the GlamRx Freestyle is a nice product, it just proves to be overpriced.


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