Island Sugar Marshmallow Body Mist Review

Island Sugar is an indie fragrance company based in Indiana. This brand specializes in "deliciously yummy scented body mists and body frosting. All Island Sugar products are blended with high quality ingredients, are alcohol and dye free, and made to order to ensure freshness.. Because Island Sugar's products are alcohol free, you never have to worry about strong alcohol smell masking the true, sweet scent as it does with most store bought brands." Island Sugar products are available through the brand's Etsy shop (which only accepts Paypal). I received a 4 fl oz bottle of the Marshmallow Body Mist in a swap with my friend Stephanie. Currently, Island Sugar is only offering 2 fl oz body mists, in your choice of 20 scents. Each Body Mist sells for $6. Island Sugar products are hand made by the owner, Tia. 

Island Sugar's Body Mists come in recyclable, translucent purple bottles topped off with a black spritzer cap. The front of the bottle features a black label with the Island Sugar logo and a colorful tropical scent. The back of the bottle offers the scent name, the URL of the company's Etsy page and a full ingredient list. 
 Island Sugar's Body Mists are oil based body sprays, so they must be shaken before use. Like all oil based fragrances, Island Sugar's Body Mists should never be sprayed on clothes, because the oil will stain. Always spray this scent directly on your skin. You only need one, maybe two sprays of Island Sugar's Marshmallow because this stuff is extremely potent. I made a terrible mistake with the other Island Sugar scent I have and used a ton of it, triggering a massive headache. Even with one spray, Marshmallow is a very overpowering scent with great lasting power. This scent sticks around for about six hours, which is great for any body spray..except this one...
 Why? I can't stand Island Sugar's Marshmallow, it's gross. I can't find a scent description for Marshmallow, I think it may have been renamed Bombshell, which is described as a "rich, sweet, vanilla sugar cookie with a slight roasted marshmallow background and a hint of caramel and musk". This scent is extremely sugary, sickeningly so. It smells mainly like vanilla extract with a burnt sugar aspect to it. The longer Marshmallow sits on the skin, the less is smells liek a confection and the more it smells like playdough. Lulwot.
I don't like Island Sugars Marshmallow (Bombshell?)  Body Mist at all. The quality of this product is good in terms of potency and longevity, but the actual scent is kinda awful. How it transforms from burning sugar into playdough, I cannot explain, but its pretty unpleasant. I do think that Island Sugar is an indie company worth checking out, their Sun Drenched scent is awesome, just avoid Marshmallow. 

Purified water, disodium edta, polysorbate-20, dmdm hydantoin, benzophenone-4, fragrance.

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