Soap&Glory Wowed Mouth Lip Palette Swatches

Soap&Glory Wowed Mouth is a six pan lipstick palette that contains their Super Colour Lipsticks. Each lipstick is 1g (.03oz). I'm unsure if this palette is/was available in the US, it was purchased for me by a friend in the UK, where Soap&Glory is more widely available. 

 Naked Beige 
 Red My Lips
 The Missing Pink
 Perfect Day
Man Trap 
 Leg swatches be so classy. Mu legs have lots of dents from my snazzy socks
For real, how snazzy are these socks. 


  1. Those socks are definitely snazzy.

  2. i'd love to see each color on your lips!

  3. Love these swatches. Do they last long? And for real, those socks are super snazzy! :-)

    xx Christal xx

    1. Well, I've only worn one lipstick so far and it lasted about 2 hours, but let me put it this way, those swatches are still there 24 hours later, so these suckers got some lasting power!