ELF Studio Eyelash Curler Review

 ELF says that their Studio Eyelash Curler will "create gorgeous curled lashes that appear larger and more defined with this sleek design. Comfortably fits all eye shapes and an ergonomic shape provides control and easy of use". ELF offers two sizes of their Studio Eyelash Curler; Regular, which will curl all your lashes at once, and Mini, which is best suited for travel or for curling the outer half of your lashes. Both lash curlers retail for $3 and can be bought from ELF's website, Target, Kmart, Big Lots, and other major retailers. I got my curler during my first ever ELF haul from almost two years ago. Why did it take me so long to review it? Idk, to me a lash curler is a lash curler, but I got a request foe this review. For the record I have no idea how to review an eyelash curler, so please forgive me if this post sucks. Not that it really applies to this specific product, but ELF is a cruelty free, vegan friendly company. This beauty tool was made in China.
Wow, how does one explain an eyelash curler? I'm not even going to try, we've all seen one and ELF's is pretty standard. It's silver metal, steel I think. A small black rubber pad cushions your lashes as you curl. ELF sells a 5 pack of refill pads for $1, if you feel the need to replace your's. This eyelash curler moves fluidly and rarely pinches my lash line. The curve of this eyelash curler suits my eye shape very well. What's not to like? This lash curler is comfortable and functional to use, and has a classic look. 
I have fairly thick, average length eyelashes that are just about straight, some of them even point downwards. My lashes can curl on their own with most mascaras, so a lash curler isn't really a necessity for me, I don't use mine very day, just when I want more drama. I curly my eyelashes in four separate section; right at tyhe base, slightly up from the base, right in the middle, and right below the tips. Why make such a production out of it? Because it gives a more gentle, natural curl that lasts longer. Only curling your lashes at the base causes a harsher curl that is more likely to droop or straighten out. ELF's Studio Eyelash Curler does a pretty good job of curling my lashes. The curl lasts all day with mascara, and a few hours without. I break the rule of never curling my lashes after I apply mascara. I do it all the time actually, with great results and have never lot a lash. I don't know if that's from technique, or if ELF's curler is particularly gentle. 
I'm a fan of ELF's Studio Eyelash Curler. It may be basic, but it gets the job done and that is all that I ask from it. I can't imagine splurging on a luxury eyelash curler like Shu Uemura's when ELF's is perfectly functional and so affordable. This curler fits my eye shape perfectly. If I ever feel the need to buy a new lash curler, I would repurchase this one. I've been planning to purchase the mini one as well, I'm curious about half lash curlers! If you're on the hunt for an affordable full or half lash curler, why not try ELF's


  1. I actually have this as well but I hate it. I originally bought it because I couldn't find new pads for my Maybelline eyelash curler (which I like just fine). The dent in the pad makes it too hard to curl in more than one spot and it pinches something awful. I have lost lashes with this thing. Just bought a new one (Sally Hansen, 2nd cheapest at the drugstore), can't wait to use it. The pad is definitely not indented, so I don't anticipate any issues. If I have problems with it, though, I will consider saving for the shu uemura.

    1. Wow I'm sorry to hear you've had so many problems with this curler! Hopefully Sally Hansen's works out for you.

  2. I didn't even know the made half lash curlers :) If this works well for you it's always great to find a good bargain product. I purchased a MAC lash curler a while back and use it daily. I think it was only like $16 or something so it wasn't bad. Great review!

    1. I think half curlers a relatively new thing!