Giveaway: Zico Coconut Water - CLOSED.

I'm giving away a whole case of Zico Coconut Water in a flavor of the winner's choice. Zico is full of potassium and electrolytes, so its a great for all kinds of athletes, as well as anyone looking for a beverage that's delicious and healthy. Zico is 100% natural, vegan, and kosher. Some health and beauty benefits from the potassium contained in Zico are cramp relief, stress relief, and it can help under eye puffiness. For me, it really helped to relieve my frequent migraines. 
If you're not familiar with what coconut water is, its the immature milk from a young, unripe coconut. Because it hasn't become coconut milk yet, its very low in fat and cholesterol, as well as only containing 60 calories per bottle. 
Zico's bottles are recyclable and made of 30% or more of recycled materials. 
Any questions I haven't answered can be answered here.
Zico is enjoyed by a number of celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel , Jessica Alba, Mario Lopez, and many professional atheletes

To enter this Giveaway you must do three things

     Winner will be announced December 5th    

 *This giveaway is sponsored by a donor who wants to remain anonymous. This is a US only giveaway.

Flavors to choose from:
Passion Fruit
Lima Citron
Variety Pack (natural, pineapple, mango, pomberry, lima citron)

Please leave a comment mentioning all your entries

Good luck =D 


  1. I follow you on here, and tumblr. Pick out a good flavor, I want that one. I wanna try it because Jimmy Kimmel likes it, and he's great.

  2. Mandatory Entry: I follow your blog via GFC! I like the Zico page on FB as Danielle Villano. I'd love to try the Variety Pack! I think variety's exciting :)

    Extra 1) I follow you on Tumblr as paperjournalpages

    Extra 2) I follow them on Twitter as @daniellevillano

    Extra 3) I want to try Zico because I want to broaden my "healthy drinks" to choices aside from regular water! I've heard great things about Zico!


    (PS: Love your makeup looks! If you ever want to guest post on my blog, send me an email!)

  3. Mandatory entry: Followed your blog via GFC and I liked the Zico page on Facebook under Laarnie B. :)

    I'd like to try out the chocolate pack!

    Extra) Followed you via tumblr under rikachuuable

    My email is if you need to contact me for anything ^^~

  4. mandatory entries: I liked Zico on FB under the name Danielle Barnes and I follow your blog under the name Danielle Anderson.
    I would like to try the variety pack of Zico Water please.

    Additional Entries:
    I follow your Tumblr under the name Natural Beauty.
    I follow your Beautylish under the name Danielle A.
    I followed Zico on Twitter under the name Buzzbeauty.

    I would like to try Zico water because I have low potassium and would love to find an alternative way of keeping up my potassium without taking horse pills.

  5. Hi! :D
    I follow your blog, tumblr, and beautylish.
    I 'like'd Zico on Facebook and Twitter.
    I would like to try the variety pack (mainly because I can't decide, I'd like to try any flavor).
    And I would like to try Zico because I love trying new things!

  6. Hey Hey Hey :)
    -Um I Became A Fan Of Zico On Facebook ( Panda Bee)
    -I Would Like To Try All Flavors , Just To See Which One Makes My Tastebuds Dance The Most Lol
    -Now Following Your Blog Via GFC
    - I Follow You On Tumblr ( Pandashawtz )
    - Id Like To Try Zico Because I'm Trying To Lose Weight And Stick To A Diet And Become More Healthier. Along With That , I Have A Weak Immune System Which Im Trying To Hard To Boost Without Having To Take These HUGE Vitamins That Show No Results.
    -Im Also Following Zico Via Twitter ( PandaHightimes )

  7. Hello! I'm following you on tumblr under the username wellthisisfantastic, my personal favorite of coconut water is the original. I also liked the Zico page... :)

  8. HI! I liked Zico on facebook(Haley Lebouf), follow this blog, follow your tumblr (glitter-junkie) and beautylish(Haley L), and I followed Zico on twitter (glitterjunkiemu). I would def get the variety pack!

  9. Hello there!
    -I liked Zico on facebook: Mynhan Do
    -Following this blog as 123dancingcookie
    -Following your tumblr as 123dancingcookie
    -Your twitter as cookiebop
    And can I please get the variety pack! :]
    And I would love to try ZICO Coconut Water because it's healthy, refreshing, and natural!!!
    Thank you very much for such a good giveaway ;]

  10. Hi, I liked Zico on Facebook, followed your tumblr, and followed your twitter.
    I would like the variety pack; it sounds awesome! I love coconut water so that's why I wanted to enter so I could try some new flavors.

  11. Hi, I liked the FB page and follow you under the name Lucy Anton. I would like to try the Variety pack, the flavors sound delish!! I wanted to enter because I am always down with a chance to try something new and healthful!!! :D

  12. The Chocolate is the best, in my opinion! I used Zico to replace my addiction to Rockstar and Redbull energy drinks! Worked wonders!

  13. I LOVE Zico Mango, so delicious! Truly an energy drink replacement you can feel good about, won't ever go back to them now.

    All three things done!
    Julie Urban

  14. I WOULD BE IN HEAVEN IF I WON! I'm a huge ZICO fan and also a student becoming a registered dietitian. I'm a pilates instructor and love hydrating with Zico! I posted some pics of me & Zico at the river on your page ;) I am obsessed with the chocolate flavor!!! I am struggling financially lately so I've had to cut wayy down on my 2 bottle a day habit. :(

  15. I would like to try the variety pack. I love coconut is so pure and gives me tons of energy. I have chronic vitamin deficiency and coconut water has always made me feel better!! I haven't been able to find any where I just moved to...:( hopefully I will find it soon..better yet it would be great to win a case.

  16. I would like to try the variety pack. I love coconut is so pure and gives me tons of energy. I have chronic vitamin deficiency and coconut water has always made me feel better!! I haven't been able to find any where I just moved to...:( hopefully I will find it soon..better yet it would be great to win a case.

  17. oooh...Natural is the best!!!I LOVE ZICO & coconuts of coarse!!i will follow you on FB.
    about a minute ago ·

  18. s.cantabene@yahoo.comNovember 30, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    Hey'all! I'm interested in following your blog because I LOVE Zico and want to enter this contest! (not like I ever win one, but this is one I really am interested in and support) I would love to try the chocolate flavor. I am a full supporter of Zico, but have never tried another flavor and want to promote Zico to my friends who think I'm crazy for drinking "coconut water"!

  19. Hi,
    I would love to win & try the variety pack of different flavors. I want to follow your blog to learn more about coconut water.

  20. I liked Zico on Facebook, I would like to try the variety pack and I will follow this blog through Facebook and twitter and google! I drink Zico Coconut Natural before every basketball game. It just gives me all the hydration I need!

  21. I liked Zico on facebook, as Whitefell Shewolfen. thats how I know about the giveaway! :) I'd lie to try a variety pack nad all the flavors. I love pinacoladas, so the pineapple one especialy! I've tryed other coconut water brands, but they dont taste fresh like Zico does and they are often loaded with sugar, yuk! Zico is pure coconut goodness. Also good to hear you are using recycled materials, that makes me feel even better about my choice. i drink a lot of coconut water for health reasons, and I just love the taste of coconut!

  22. I love the new chocolate flavor!! It is an excellent option for those of us trying to find a healthy (low in calories, fat and not too high in sugar) chocolate / sweet snack! I had one after grocery shopping Monday night and I'm heading back to Trader Joe's (an hour from home) tonight to buy them all!!

  23. Liked Zico on their FB, my name on face book is Philyssa Grammar. I follow them on twitter and your beautylish as well, my name is philyssaG on there. I follow your blog also I follow you on beautylish as well, under Philyssa Grammar. My email is I would love the natural flavor of the Zico water. I was turned onto cococut water by my friend & I loved it! I had a baby boy on 10/31/11 and weighed 245 lbs. I work out hard at home before work and have lost 106 lbs by working out and eating less. I used to buy coconut water alot, but my husband was laid off his job for awhile. So, it was just my income and I had to cut out the extras like coconut water and vitamins, make up, etc. I would love, love, love to win this!!! I really hope I do and thank you for the opportunity! my google account is

  24. I love the Mango and Passion Fruit. Where can I find the variety pack?

  25. I've followed Zico on Facebook and am following you. I would like to try the natural flavor.