Maybelline Great Lash: Lots of Lashes Review

Maybelline's Great Lash: Lots of Lashes (LOL) is the newest reformulation of  the classic mascara; Great Lash. I got my tube from Ulta for $4.99, but after a $5 off coupon, it ended up being free! 
I purchased LOL because I was curious, due to all the hype, but also because I'm a big fan of Maybelline mascara, though I have mixed feelings about the Great Lash line. The Original Great Lash was my first mascara. It was ok. I later moved on to the Great Lash with the curved brush, which was my go-to mascara for years, until One By One came into the picture.

Great Lash LOL is packaged pretty much the same as the original Great Lash. Hot pink tube, lime green cap. Very appealing. I also think the name of the product is cute, and probably appeals to teenage girls.

The brush, or "Great Little Grabber" as Maybelline calls it is a rubber brush that's supposed to be heart shaped, but I would call it conical. The widest part is at the base and it tapers in from there, into a rounded tip. The shape of the wand is designed to give maximum lift to the lashes in the outer corner. Which it does. My problem is applying it to my left eye. I don't really like to flip my wrist around to apply my mascara, so I end up applying it with my left hand, which turns out ok, but not as perfect as my right eye turns out.

I get awesome lift from this mascara, particularly in the outer corner. It lengthens well, thickens slightly, and keeps my lashes separated by looking full. It pretty much does everything you can ask of a mascara. I find this mascara a little bit inconsistent, but it might be my lashes. This mascara looks great, every other time I wear it. The times in between it still looks good, but not quite fabulous. Its a little bit annoying, but like I said, it could be my lashes' fault. They're a little inconsistent themselves. 
As with all Maybelline mascaras, I experience no flaking or smudging, even on my bottom lashes. I get all day wear. The formula is pretty water-resistant without being waterproof. But it still removes easily with warm water and a bit of makeup remover. I feel this is a two-coat mascara. The first coat looks good. Natural, with a little bit of extra lift. However the second coat is what really does it. It really separates your lashes and gives really nice length.

This mascara gives me a serious case of Itchy Lashes. After about 6 hours of wear I get an itchiness at the base of my lashes that makes me want to rub my eyes and take my makeup off. I have this problem with a lot of mascaras, including Covergirl Lash Blast Volume and Maybelline's The Colossal Volume Express. I'm not sure what does it, if its the type of formula, or an ingredient. I should probably investigate that further in another post.

I recommend this mascara if you're looking for a lot of lift, with a bonus of length and separation. I also recommend this mascara if you're not a Great Lash lover. This might just make a believer out of you. And for $5 or less, it really can't hurt to try.

                                                 Looking fabulous:

Then the next day:

See what I mean about being just a tiny bit inconsistent :(

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  1. Maybe you didn't get all the mascara out the first time, and it didn't apply properly the second time D: