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Social Sunday Nov 12-19

My first Social Sunday post last week didn't turn out to be as social as I hoped, if I'm honest, but I'm going to keep writing them because I think it's good for me. I felt way more motivated to write this week, and got two whole posts up! Feels good, man. Click through to read about my week!

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Pen Review

Neutrogena says their Light Therapy Acne Treatment Pen is a "Targeted spot treatment with the same technology as the Neutrogena® Light Therapy Acne Mask. Blue light targets pimple causing bacteria & red light reduces inflammation. Clinically proven technology dermatologists use, now easy to use anywhere, anytime. No mess, no residue, no flaking." I'd been interested in Neutrogena's Light Therapy Mask for a while, so when the opportunity arose to try the a more targeted version, I was more than excited to accept. The Light Therapy Acne Treatment Pen retails for $22.99 at Ulta ($39.99AUD at Priceline). Neutrogena products are not cruelty free. The Light Therapy Acne Treatment Pen was made in China.

Mecca Beauty Loop Box - Spring 2018

I picked up my Spring Beauty Loop Box in the middle of our nightmare repair week that I spoke about in my October empties, and didn't have the time or motivation to do a proper unboxing. That lack of motivation wasn't all bad though - it gave me time to try all four products and form an opinion on them. Click through to see what I thought about Mecca's level 1 Spring Beauty Loop Box!

Social Sunday - Nov 4-11

My blogging game has been fucked up for months, but I was recently inspired by Gerry to do a weekly social post in hopes of getting back into blogger. I've been feeling significant disconnect, and I'm hoping this'll help me feel a little more social and confident in sharing my personal life and opinions. In my Social Sunday posts I'll be sharing rundowns of my week, updates on my goals (fitness and otherwise) and a selection of products I enjoyed this week.

I'd like to make this, as the name implies, a social post, but I'm not quite sure how yet. If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comment if you'd like to see a group chat developed, or a weekly featured blog/instagram, a bloghop, or something along these lines!

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