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Abnomoly PetroWhat? Rio Guava Lip Balm Review

Abnomoly is one of Deciem's newer sub-brand, and so far they've only released one product - the PetroWhat? Lip Balm. According to Abnomoly, "unlike waxy and occlusive petrolatum-based formulations that mainly help hold in existing water content, this super-saturated and long-lasting lip and skin balm is filled with a high concentration of skin-identical Amino Acids in a Plant-derived Squalane and Baobab Oil base. This formula helps in protecting, hydrating and repairing dry skin from the moment it's first used. The total concentration of these technologies in the formula by weight is 75%." The PetroWhat? Lip Balms contain 15ml and retail for $9AUD at Deciem and Myer stores. Deciem is cruelty free. This product was made in Canada.

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream Review

Pixi's Beauty Sleep Cream is a "night recovery cream with 100% natural mango butter to protect and nourish skin while you sleep. Rich in vitamins A, C, & E to effectively combat free radicals. Fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich, gentle & soothing.". One of Pixi's original Skin Treats, I decided to pick it up during my first visit to Parramatta's new Sephora store. This night cream contains 35ml (1.18 fl oz) and retails for $35 at Sephora, David Jones, Cult Beauty, and Adore Beauty. Pixi is cruelty free. This moisturizer was made in Korea.

Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil Review

Derma E says their Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil is a "rinse-free cleansing oil" that "leaves your skin feeling superbly moisturized, along with an improved soft and dewy appearance." This cleansing oil was raved about by Jennifer Wan, so I had to try it. The Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil contains 60ml (2 fl oz) and retails for $24.99 at Priceline, where it frequently goes on sale. Derma E products are cruelty free and vegan. This product was made in the USA.

Five March Favorites

I haven't done a Favorites post in a year in a half! My last one went up in September 2017! I stopped doing them because they'd become kind of overwhelming for me. At the time, I wasn't able to purchase many products just to try - the products that I did have a budget for needed to be good. At the same time, I was scarcely receiving any press samples, both of which hindered my ability to branch out and try new things. My favorites became repetitive to write, and probably read. So I just stopped. My circumstances have changed and I've been interested in getting back into the Favorites game. I'm going to try out a Five Monthly Favorites format, which is super over done, but it feels realistic for me. Maybe I'll end up easing into my old format, who knows. But for now, I have Five March Favorites for you - some beauty, some lifestyle, but all well loved by me this month. Click through to read more.