You'll Never Guess What Showed Up at My Door!

MY BAG IS HERE! Virgin called me yesterday morning to tell me that my bag had just shown up in Sydney! It got lost between flights in Minneapolis and stayed there for four days before finally making the jump across the Pacific. You can't believe how relieving it was to open that bag and see that everything made it just fine. Thanks to all who left me kind comments and messages during such a nerve wracking time! Yinz are the best. My blog will be back to normal shortly!

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  1. YAY!!!! That's awesome! I thought when they lost luggage it magically disappeared and they say SOL. Gahh! I'm so glad for you :)

    1. thanks =DD. They told me it was likely gone for good, but that they'd look around jic. #Miracle. =D

  2. So glad for you that it turned up!

  3. Oh I'm so happy for you! I'd die if my luggage got lost like that. Hence the reason I haven't been on a plane since I was 11...

  4. Omg, I'm so happy to hear this!
    I felt so awful that you lost your wedding dress & engagement ring

  5. Thank you guys so much for being so caring during this little ordeal. =D

  6. I took the call that said it was coming n.n I'm the hero


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