Losing Everything is Hard

As you know from my hiatus post, I recently traveled to Sydney, and I've had several unfortunate incidents on the way there. My flight to from Minneapolis to Los Angeles was significantly delayed, so I missed my flight from LA to Sydney. Delta was kind enough to rebook me onto a Virgin flight to Melbourne that left that same night, but that's where everything went kinda wrong. Somewhere in the change between airlines, my luggage was completely lost. No one knows where it is, and Virgin informed me that it's likely lost for good. All I had was the clothes on my back, and my laptop and just a couple toiletries and my brush roll. As you can imagine, this will impact my ability to post anything for quite a while.

The impact reaches way further than my blog though, unfortunately. Nearly all my possessions were in that bag, including my wedding dress and engagement ring, and items very important to my immigration process. Dean and his family have been wonderful in helping me get a few basic makeup products and a few outfits, but unfortunately a lot of what's lost is irreplaceable. As you can imagine, I'm really struggling. I'm unsure when me and my blog will get back on our feets, but I'll try to keep yinz updated.

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  1. OH my gosh you have to be kidding. That is just unbelievable. I'm so frustrated right now for you! Your head must be spinning. I really hope everything gets back on track soon..as back on track as it can be. Sending you good vibes <3

  2. That's really horrible! I'm sending lots of happy thoughts your way so hopefully you gets your lost things back :)

  3. Mary darling, I'm so very sorry to learn that this happened to you at what should have been such a happy time for you and Dean. Hopefully, all will be recovered soon!

    Sherry B. in Coraopolis

  4. Thank you so much everyone. I received my bag today. <3


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