CK One Trip Color Mascara Review

 CK One, Calvin Klein's beauty line, is an Ulta Exclusive brand. Their Color Mascara features a "Precision curved brush and patented lycra technology amplifies, shapes, and lifts every lash for maximum volume. Customize lash looks with a unique twist brush applicator. Select definition or volume with a twist of the cap in this all-in-one mascara. Delivers buildable full lashes that remain soft and supple stroke-by-stroke." CK One offers five shades, my post features Trip, which is purple. This mascara contains 9.2ml (.31 oz) and sells for $18. This mascara is Ulta's birthday gift for Club Ulta memebers. CK One is a subsidiary of Coty, therefore, not cruelty free. This mascara was made in Korea.

 CK One's Mascara packaging is a little bit interesting. The black rubberized tube is topped with a white plastic cap that bears the CK One logo. The top of the cap can be twisted to adjust the shape of the brush. This mascara's brush starts off pretty basic, a little over an inch long, straight, with short, evenly spaced rubber bristles. There's a useless nub at the tip of the brush that I wish wasn't there. Used straight, CK One's brush is great for separation. Twist the top of the cap and the brush shortens significantly, bringing the bristles closer together. The condensed form of this brush gives really great thickness, though lashes become clumpy quickly. Packaging is recyclable.
 I have some mixed feelings about CK One's Color Mascara. When it comes to moisture content, this mascara is pretty middle of the road. Application and results vary depending on which brush style you use; I recommend a combination of twisted and straight brush for optimal results. This method gives great volume and good length. This designer mascara dries quite stiff on the lashes, which helps it hold a curl well. This mascara's dry, hard texture feels heavy, uncomfortable, and kinda itchy - but I can deal because it wears like iron! CK One's Color Mascara doesn't flake or smudge under any condition. Even oil based makeup removes aren't equipped to deal with this mascara, its really a struggle. This mascara would be my go to for work if it wasn't purple. Moving on to that...
 CK One's Trip is a bright violet shade. I've tried a handful of colored mascaras, including Maybelline's terrible Pop of Purple Great Lash Mascara, and they've ALL been terribly disappointing..til now. Trip really shows up purple on the lashes! Not quite as bright as it comes out of the tube (a white lash primer would probably boost the intensity). Anyway, my point is that for once, a colored mascara actually shows up purple on the lashes.
[terrible picture, but it shows Trip true to color]
I like CK One's Color Mascara in Trip! Packaging is plain, but true to Calvin Klein's aesthetic. The brush is versatile and easy to work with. This mascara wears incredibly well, but its heavy and gives me a serious case of crispy lashes. If you want a purple mascara, CK One's Trip is an excellent, but expensive, option. I'd totally buy the black version of this mascara if it wasn't eighteen bucks - I just can't justify that price, personally. If you have room in your budget for a pricey mascara, CK One's is worth trying. 

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    1. I'm right there with you, I also have a $10 limit on mascara.

      (I'm so sorry you comment got deleted, I mis-clicked something, if I can figure out how to fix it, I will!)

  2. Whoa that's awesomeness! I mean.. I've heard that if you mix vaseline with an eyeshadow, you could DIY a colored mascara. Never tried it, and I don't know exactly how eye safe it is lol This looks great though!

    1. That doesn't sound particularly eye safe, I've heard vaseline can be damaging to the eye (not entirely sure, haven't done the research). This is definitely the best colored mascara formula I've sampled so far.

  3. Ooh i'm not sure this is available in Europe but it looks great! I just reviewed Makeup Revolution's mascara on my blog recently...great if you're looking for a budget one! Danielle x

    frontière girl

    1. It likely isn't, since its Ulta exclusive.


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