Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo Review

 Herbal Essences says their Naked Dry Shampoo will "refresh your strands, water not necessary, with natural tapioca" that "absorbs oil and rejuvenates dirty hair for a clean feeling. Invigorate your strands with the scent of white grapefruit and mint and feel naturally beautiful without parabens or dyes." This dry shampoo contains 140g (4.9g) and sells for $6 or so at major retailers. Herbal Essences does not test on animals, but their parent company, Clairol, is not cruelty free. This dry shampoo was made in the USA.

 Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo comes in a white aluminum bottle with an aerosol nozzle. The Herbal Essences logo, product name and images of leaves are printed on the front of the bottle. Directions. a description, and an ingredient list can be found on the back. Packaging is recyclable. I had significant issues with this product's packaging, which you can read about in the Customer Service Kudos post linked below.
[um...pre sure my hair used to be red?]
 I'm such a big fan of Batiste's Dry Shampoos, it changed the way I take care of my hair. Herbal Essences new Naked Dry Shampoo has had so many good reviews, and for me it isn't living up to them. The Naked Dry Shampoo is very wet when it sprays out, leaving my hair quite damp. This dry shampoo sprays out colorless, but it dries white, which is definitely a problem. The white cast can be brushed out, but it takes some effort and I feel like there's still just a hint of grey there. The tapioca starch is fairly effective, but no more or less effective than the rice starch in Batiste's dry shmapoo (is tapioca a rice?). Once this surprisingly wet dry shampoo dries down, it makes my hair feel dry, stiff, and heavy. The left over residue is difficult to rinse out. Even after my hair is washed and dried, my hair still feels dried out. On an up note, Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo has an intoxicating, slightly fruity but mostly minty scent that lingers in my hair for a couple hours.
Herbal Essences' Naked Dry Shampoo was a let down for me. Packaging is lovely but problematic. This dry shampoo is much wetter than I'm used to. I hate how stiff and dry it makes my hair, not to mention the dull, grey cast it gives. I do love how it smells though. I'll finish off this can of dry shampoo, but you can bet I'll be making the switch back to batiste. I was super disappointed by this dry shampoo. 

Isobutene, Alcohol Denat, Propane, Tapioca Starch, Peppermint Oil, Menthol, Field Mint Oil, Fragrance, Silica, Polymethylsilesquioxane 

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  1. I purchased this recently since I ran out of my other dry shampoo. I currently love the Dove one, but want to try other ones to see if there is a better one. I really want to try the Batiste ones though!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

    1. Hopefully you have better luck with this dry shampoo than I do. I've heard a lot of good stuff about the Dove one, and I definitely recommend the Batiste ones!

  2. Awww man, sucks you didn't like this! Definitely sticking to my Batiste!


  3. ooo this doesnt look good i hate how you can kind of see flakes in your hair? thats so bad you would think this would be good wouldnt you? being that its herbal essences?


    1. I know! it looks crazy powdery in my hair. Herbal Essences rarely disappoints me, but this really sucks in my opinion.

  4. I thought the point of dry shampoo was so you didn't have to get naked!


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