What's In My Backup Drawer?

Yinz know that I don't repurchase a lot of products, I love to always try new products, but I have a few tried and true products I currently have in my backup drawer, along with products waiting to be used, and a few random odds and ends. 
 Two unopened mascaras - Maybelline Lash Stiletto and The Rocket
 My Go-to eyeliner, Avon Ultra Luxury, and my favorite and unfortunately discontinued makeup sponge, Avon Precision Grip Tear Drop Blender.
 Goody Spin-Pins and Modern Up-do
Lash Cards and a Mark. Hook Up 

Comment and tell me what's in your backup drawer!


  1. Favorite unopen mascara, primer, and eyeliner.

  2. Great post! If you look up makeup sponges on ebay, they have the same one as Avon's but it's only $0.99. I've used both and they're exactly the same.

    New follower from the 'Monday Beauties' blog hop. Looking forward to reading your blog :D


  3. Love Avon's liners! I can't believe they have already discontinued the tear drop blender.

    1. Their liners are some of their best products! They always discontinue the good stuff :( I think they discontinued them because not a lot of their target audience knew what they were for.