What's In My Backup Drawer?

Yinz know that I don't repurchase a lot of products, I love to always try new products, but I have a few tried and true products I currently have in my backup drawer, along with products waiting to be used, and a few random odds and ends. 
 Two unopened mascaras - Maybelline Lash Stiletto and The Rocket
 My Go-to eyeliner, Avon Ultra Luxury, and my favorite and unfortunately discontinued makeup sponge, Avon Precision Grip Tear Drop Blender.
 Goody Spin-Pins and Modern Up-do
Lash Cards and a Mark. Hook Up 

Comment and tell me what's in your backup drawer!

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  1. Favorite unopen mascara, primer, and eyeliner.

  2. Great post! If you look up makeup sponges on ebay, they have the same one as Avon's but it's only $0.99. I've used both and they're exactly the same.

    New follower from the 'Monday Beauties' blog hop. Looking forward to reading your blog :D


  3. Love Avon's liners! I can't believe they have already discontinued the tear drop blender.

    1. Their liners are some of their best products! They always discontinue the good stuff :( I think they discontinued them because not a lot of their target audience knew what they were for.


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