Fellow Sephora Shoppers in Pittsburgh, I have a question/problem!

Do any of yinz have horrible service at the Sephora in South Hills Village? Today I went in intending to purchase a couple value kits and MAYBE a palette. I couldn’t find the product I wanted the most, and asked a sales associate to help me find it. “I’m busy!”, she snipped, and walked away. I asked a second sales associate and they basically just ignored me.

At that point, I left the store, found my mum in another store, waited for her to finish what she was doing, and had her ask for me. I look younger than I am and figured the employees just weren’t taking me seriously for some reason. My mum had no luck either getting any attention from a sales associate.

Normally I would’ve asked for a manager at that point, but I didn’t want to bother. I’ll just take my business to the Ulta I normally shop at. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues at this Sephora either. Every time I go in there I’m either snubbed or watched like a hawk by an employee. Does anyone else have this issue at that store?

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  1. I live in PA too, not Pittsburgh though, but I have the same problem when I go to the one near me. I'm usually ignored most of the time though and if I do need help, they never want to help.

  2. Oh wow. I live in Indiana county (kind of close to Pittsburgh) and I either shop at the westmoreland mall sephora or the johnstown one and ive noticed I get treated considerably crappier at the westmoreland one...not ALL of the workers are snobby but a few off them are...but I was also shopping clearence that day so that's strike one ;) if I had an ulta closer I would definately shop their. Their rewards program is better anyway :)

  3. So I got some messages on tumblr from people around the country that have bad service from Sephora. Good to know that it isn't just a problem in our local Sephoras, but it doesn't say much about the brand as a whole, does it? =\

    Also, hay guiz, yay Pittsburgh area readers!

  4. From what I've read and heard, I think that customers have this problem in a lot of Sephora stores around the country not only here in the 'burgh. One of the reasons that I do a lot of shopping online!

    1. Yeah I've been hearing that since I posed this question on Tumblr. I definitely don't plan on shopping at Sephora anymore.


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