Be a Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner Review

 Be a Bombshell is a brand with some sort of membership that I do not understand. Apparently it's a "new, revolutionary approach to fulfilling your cosmetic needs". I've never heard anything about this brand before receiving this pen style eyeliner in my October Ipsy bag. Be a Bombshell says that their eyeliner will "accentuate your eyes and lashes to make them look bigger and brighter". There are three shades available; Onyx (black), Espresso (brown), and Provocateur (blue). I have Onyx. This pen liner is claimed to be "long wearing and highly pigmented." This eyeliner contains 3ml (.1fl oz) and retails for $14. I'm pretty sure that this is a generic, repackaged product even though Be a Bombshell claims otherwise. Why do I think that? On the back of the pen it says "distributed" by Be a Bombshell, as opposed to "manufactured". This pen was made in China and was not tested on animals.
 Packaging is very simple with a cute little detail. A round, black plastic pen with a cap that snaps on firmly. A sticker with the shade name can be found on the bottom of the pen. The front of the pen features the brand name written in silver lettering with a sexy lady leading against the logo. Very cute. This pen eyeliner has a surprisingly thick tip to it. You can get a reasonably thin line from this eyeliner, but it takes some effort an you definitely can't create a super thin, barely there line. The eyeliner can be slightly hard to maneuver if you have smaller eyes. The tip is well saturated with product. I also like that the tip is quite firm.
 Onyx, if you haven't already guessed it, is black. Just black. Not especially dark or light. The finish is matte. This eyeliner couldn't be more exciting, could it?! This eyeliner wears decently, lasting all day with only a bit of fading and no flaking or transferring. During application Be a Bombshell's eyeliner bleeds just a little bit into fine lines, a problem I've never experienced from a liquid eyeliner before. Its very slight though. Luckily, this eyeliner removes easily and doesn't stain the eyelids like the last eyeliner MyGlam sent me.
 I like this eyeliner, its convenient and wears well, it just isn't anything special. I'm not wowed. This product is certainly overpriced at $14. Packaging is cute but plain. The tip is nice and this pen doesn't seem to be drying up any time soon. I'm going to continue to use Be a Bombshell's eyeliner, but I wouldn't purchase it, nor do I recommend it. There are plenty of pen eyeliners on the market for a much more reasonable price. ELF's $1 pen eyeliner would garner similar results. Save some cash and hit the drugstore for your next pen liner purchase. Plus I don't understand how Be a Bombshell's membership works and I'm not sure if you can buy their products without being a member.
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  1. At least Onyx is true to it's name - Onyx the metal is very plain black.

    1. Thank you for the facts <3 cutest scientist evar.

  2. I was so excited to get this eyeliner because I had been meaning to pick up NYX's fatty marker. I actually think this one might be a bit better quality than NYX's because like you said, the tip really holds the product well.

    Great Review!!

    Boston Princess

  3. I know I'm late to the party, but thanks for the review! I don't understand Be a Bombshell Cosmetic's purchasing system either; it's so strange! Great pictures by the way. How did you get such a good picture of your own eye?

    1. Yeah, it's really weird. I wish Ipsy would stop sending their products. =\ And it really just takes practice. I always take a photo of the same eye, hold my camera with both hands, and balance my hands by placing a pinky on the opposite side of my nose, and on my cheek.


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