Rimmel Sexy Curves Full Figure Mascara Review

 Rimmel's Sexy Curves Full Figure is the newest off-shoot of the pretty popular curling mascara Sexy Curves. This mascara boasts a "super sized triple plump brush brush and high adhesion, quick dry formula for voluptuous volume and shapely curves". I haven't use a Rimmel mascara for years, they've never worked out for me. I was sent this mascara for free as a gift by Beauty Haven, an Australian beauty website. I haven't seen it for sale in America, and I can't find it on Rimmel's website. If it is sold in the States, it likely retails for about $8. In Australia it averaged at $24 for .27fl oz (8ml). Whether or not Rimmel tests on animals is up for debate, I've heard a lot of conflicting information, but I can tell you that Rimmel is owned by Coty Inc, who does test on animals. It's something you need to look into yourself. This mascara was made in England.
 Packaging for Rimmel's Sexy Curve's Full Figure mascara varies only from it's predecessor in color. This tube is bright, metallic red. The front of the tube features the name of the mascara and a cute, shapely, corset detail. On the back of the tube is a short description and several symbols showing that more info can be found online...but I can't find it. Maybe I shouldn't be looking on Rimmel's US website. The packaging is very cute and eye catching.
Sexy Curves Full Figure has a really interesting brush. "Super sized Triple Plump" is a strange way to describe it. The brush is about an inch long and made up of three balls and a weird nub on the end. The brush is made of traditional bristles that grip a lot of product, especially the nub. This mascara wand definitely needs wiped off thoroughly before use. I find the shape of the brush difficult to work with, especially getting into corners and the base of the lashes. It also tends to grab the skin around the lashes, causing smudges and general discomfort. Not a fan of the brush.
So does the "high adhesion, quick drying" formula give my lashes sexy, full figured curves? Heck no. This mascara is indeed very adhesive..to it's self. I get a good amount of spidery clumps from Full Figure. The formula is far from quick drying and is very thick, heavy, and wet in consistency, smudging and smearing during application. The extremely wet formula results in weighted down, somewhat straightened lashes. That is the complete opposite of what a curling mascara should do. I don't get any fullness from this mascara either, but I do get something Rimmel doesn't even mention in the description, a fair amount of length. The results I get from this mascara are very disappointing and certainly not sexy.
 [bare lashes]
Wear is as poor as the results. After this mascara dries, which takes longer than average, it stops smudging and starts flaking. This is a problem I've had with every Rimmel mascara I've tried, I guess they haven't improved their formula in the last five or so years. Sexy Curves Full Figure also makes my lashes feel very dry, hard, and brittle. Surprisingly this mascara doesn't make my lashes itchy or fall out. That's good..I guess..it's just something I expect from mascaras that feel this way. 
[two coats]
For me, Rimmel's Sexy Curves Full Figure mascara is like a cosmetic nightmare. It does nothing it claims to do, but rather the opposite. It doesn't curl or thicken, but it does lengthen, not that you can tell because of the way it straightens my lashes out. At least the packaging is cute? Hey I'm just trying to look on the bright side. I'm really glad that I got this mascara for free, or I'd be raging a little. I don't recommend this mascara to my readers and I'll likely toss it out now that I've reviewed it. Is the regular Sexy Curves this wet, heavy, and disappointing? 

ingredients unavailable. 


  1. As a general rule of thumb I tend to stay away from applicators that look like kinky sex toys.

  2. Very informative review. i found you on This Girls Life Weekly Wednesday Blog Hop. I just followed you maybe we could follow each other.

  3. I'm pretty disappointed with this product. I was a huge fan of Sexy Curves, and it was probably the best mascara I'd ever use. Got compliments left and right... my own dad asked me if my eyelashes were that long naturally. But this one... well... just not as great.