Lush Haul - Mostly Samples

 I went to Lush in Macy's in downtown Pittsburgh today. I was helped by a really nice sales assistant, but I didn't catch his name :( I wish I had cause I would totally recommend him, he gave me a handful of samples, was quick to recommend products, and really knew about their ingredients and composition. He was probably the most friendly/helpful Lush sales person I've ever met.
 This is the only thing I bought. Lush Caca Rouge Henna. It was $25. Don't you want my hair to be pretty and red? :3 
 The sales associate gave me a hand treatment using these three products, then gave me samples of them. 
 Ros Argan Body Conditioner. I didn't really want this one, but who turns away free stuff. 
 Happy Hippy Shower Gel. Great grapefruit scent, kinda similar to Whoosh, but better. 
My favorite of the three, Ocean Salt face and body scrub. I love the scent, the texture, evarything. I would buy this full size. 

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  1. Ocean Salt is AMAYZING! :D I also really want to know your thoughts on the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner. :) I've been interested in picking one up, but it's nice to get a little info from someone you know and trust. :3

  2. AHHH ALL THIS LUSH STUFF IS KILLING MEEEEE!!! I need some more of their products so bad :c

  3. I got a generous-sized sample of Ocean salt and I love it. I ended up buying the full size. It really leave skin soft afterwards and yes, the scent is amazing!

  4. what colour gives coca rouge on blonde hair?

    1. It'd depend on how long you kept it in and what sort of blonde (dark, platinum, etc), but I think caca rouge would give either a strawberry blonde or bright ginger color.


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