Fitness Diary - Week 4

Between my mixed up sleep schedule and feeling like my reproductive organs are trying to violently exit my body, I can't say that I've put in my best efforts this week. My period has always been my downfall when it comes to following a Blogilates calendar. I end up skipping 2-4 days and then I just kinda fall off the wagon. I'm going to do my best to not let that happen again this time. Though I didn't manage to squeeze much exercise in, I am down another kilo! That slides me down one BMI point as well. It's all about small victories I suppose. Click through to read more.

Dermelect Commando Peptide Infused Nail Lacquer Review+Swatches

Dermelect says their Peptide Infused Nail Lacquers "merge high performance formulas with richly pigmented hues". The brand goes on to claim that these toluene, formaldehyde, and DBT free lacquers can strengthen weak nails with a special protein extracted from the wool of New Zealand sheep. An interesting boast, to say the least. Dermelect's Peptide Infused Nail Lacquers are available in over 60 shades; today I'm bringing you a review of Commando, which I received in an Ipsy Bag way back in November. These strengthening nail polishes contain 11ml (.4 fl oz) and retail for $14 on the brand's website. A limited selection of shades can also be purchased from Ulta for $12. Dermelect does not test on animals. Click through to read more.

Fitness Diary - Week 3

I didn't have a great week for working out. Dean and I have been shifting into an 'up all night, sleep all day' schedule that's really fucked up my motivation and my appetite. I've been craving junk food most days, and I've indulged more than I should've. I didn't lose any weight, or at least not enough to register on our scale, but I am down half an inch in my waist, which counts as progress to me. Click through to read more.

My Low Maintenance Hair Care Routine

My Low Maintenance Hair Care Routine
I think I've found my ideal hair care routine! After years of trying products and switching things up, I was often disappointed and frustrated with my hard to manage hair. When I call my hair hard to manage, I mean that my bangs stick straight up, and the rest of my hair will turn into a rats nest in the blink of an eye - it truly has a mind of it's own and it can't be tamed. I mean, it can, with some detangler and a good brushing, but I'm notoriously low maintenance with my hair and sometimes I just can't be fucked. These are the products that help me keep my hair under control. Click through to read more.
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