Out with the Old - June 2015

 My empties bag is practically full! I finished so much stuff in June, lots of makeup in particularly! The empties I plan on repurchasing, or already had a backup of, are marked with an asterisk (*). Click through to see my empties.

Olive Natural Oats&Honey Lip Balm Review

"Olive Natural Beauty’s most gentle formula, Oats & Honey provides the soothing and calming properties that your sensitive skin craves. With the best amino acid balance of all cereal grains, our organic oats work excellently to restore your skin’s natural moisture. Because of our skin’s tendency to dehydrate as it ages, we’ve added organic clover honey to help skin stay soft, supple and healthy. Honey’s natural anti-inflammatory properties help soothe sensitive skin while simultaneously providing important natural antioxidants and non-abrasive exfoliation to promote the renewal of skin cells and prevention of premature aging. No added organic essential oil make this scent safe enough for all-ages and skin types." This lip balm contains 2 grams (.07 oz) and sells for $5.95 via the brand's website and Etsy store, or from a couple of small retailers, mostly out in the Midwest. I received my tube of the Oats&Honey Lip Balm in an Ipsy Bag. Olive Natural is a cruelty free brand, and they use only all natural, organic, fair trade ingredients. This lip balm was made in America. 

Restructuring My Life (Personal Update)

Friends, I have been struggling lately - and by lately, I mean about a year, but its been increasing over the last few months. I'm bored, extremely lonely for Dean, and poor. I feel generally unmotivated - despite my best efforts, I can't seem to focus on anything but Orange is the New Black. Click through for a general update.

Ulta Haul - New L'Oreal and Maybelline Products

 I woke up to three packages today - what a great way to start a Saturday! The most exciting of which was the Ulta order I placed on Wednesday - comprised mostly of stuff that's just hitting the drugstore. I snagged pretty much everything on a BOGO 50% sale, plus I had a coupon and redeemed Ulta points, so I got everything for less than $50 - not bad, huh? Of course, just my luck, Ulta has a 40% off Maybelline and L'Oreal sale coming up! Anyway, click through for a closer look at what I picked up.
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